Police launch new safety scheme

The police have launched a new scheme aimed at keeping people with learning disabilities safe. Details of the Safe Place card scheme are available from PC Karen Capey or PCSO Colin Balch on 08452 777444.

A stay safe scheme aimed at people with learning disabilities in the Exmouth area has been launched by the police.

Safe Place plastic credit cards are being handed out to vulnerable groups in a bid to protect people from abuse or danger.

The cards hold the bearer’s name and an agreed contact telephone number on one side, with Devon and Cornwall Police’s non-emergency and emergency numbers on the opposite side.

Police community support officer Colin Balch said a number of shops and businesses in the towns have been designated safe places where the card holder can go for help.

He said: “If the user of the scheme runs in to any difficulties such as being lost, or they are being abused, or in trouble of any sort, they can look for the large orange sign which says Safe Place.

These are displayed in shop front windows, pubs and other premises and also on the side of most buses.

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“After seeing the sign the user can ask for help by presenting the card and the agreed number will be called - or if that’s not available, the number for the police.

“Even if the user loses the card they can still call in to any place the sign is displayed and ask for help.”

For more information about the Safe Place card, contact PC Karen Capey or PCSO Colin Balch on 08452 777444.