Police investigate pregnant woman cliff fall hoax

A call made to the coastguard claiming a pregnant woman had fallen off cliffs at Exmouth has sparked a police investigation after the call was found to be a hoax.

The police are investigating a hoax call made to the coastguard, claiming a pregnant woman had broken her leg after falling down cliffs at Exmouth.

The coastguard helicopter, rescue 6, was scrambled shortly after 8pm on Wednesday and the Exmouth coastguard team, who was on exercise in the area, were diverted to Sandy Bay to search for the woman.

When the search teams could not locate the woman and the mobile phone’s location used to make the emergency call was identified as London, the incident was reported to the police.

A Portland coastguard spokesperson said: “On arrival on scene, the helicopter and coastguards, along with the Lyme Bay sector manager commenced a search of the area whilst efforts were made to communicate with the female.

“No further contact could be made and the units could not find the casualty. In the meantime actions were being taken to locate the mobile phone and to identify the caller.

“Investigations revealed that the mobile phone was in the area of Kentish Town, London.

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“The units were stood down and the incident reported to the police.”