Police crackdown on anti-social behaviour

Exmouth police are asking people to report any anti-social behaviour in a bid to clampdown on the culprits. Contact the police on 08452 777444.

Exmouth police are cracking down on anti-social behaviour by asking the public to become the ears and eyes of the town.

Officers said an increase in anti-social behaviour in the town centre had prompted police to appeal for help catching the culprits responsible.

Officers want the public to report any youths seen congregating or causing trouble in Exmouth.

The police said building up a catalogue of complaints would help them tackle the problem.

PC Amber Skey said: “There is currently a problem with large numbers of youths congregating and acting in an anti-social manner in and around town.

“Key known areas are Gunfield Gardens, Madeira Walk, The Strand, the bus shelter on Rolle Street, the toilets in London Inn Car Park and by the subway area on Imperial Road.

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“Police request that all instances of anti-social behaviour are reported so that those responsible can be identified and dealt with appropriately.

“By reporting incidents it will provide a clearer picture of what is happening and the effect it is having on the community so that appropriate resources can be allocated.”

If you would like to discuss any problems affecting Exmouth town centre with the town neighbourhood team, PC Amber Skey, PCSO Colin Balch, or PCSO Karen Capey, contact them on 08452 777 444.

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