Police appeal - vandals target Exmouth primary school

Exnouth police are appealing for information after vandals damaged equipment at Brixington Primary School.

Chickens escaped and damage was caused when vandals recently targeted Brixington Primary School.

The police are keen to trace the culprits who cut a hole in fencing surrounding a chicken enclosure, damaged equipment and threw plants around the school grounds.

Officers said the vandals returned to the school a week later, causing further damage to plants and the chicken enclosure.

Police Community Support Officer Chris Ball is urging residents to become the ears and eyes of the community and immediately report any anti-social behaviour.

PCSO Ball said: “There has been recent vandalism, which has resulted in plants being strewn around and equipment damaged, along with a hole that was cut into fencing surrounding a chicken enclosure, resulting in the chickens escaping.

“They were re-captured from nearby playing field and grounds.

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“A week later, the vandals returned causing more plant damage and interference with the chicken enclosure again.

“This type of behaviour is totally unacceptable and the police are asking residents to be mindful to any unwanted individuals that may be in the school grounds out of school time.

“If anyone is seen in the grounds up to no good, then 999 should be called immediately.

“Hopefully, with the help of the local community, we can prevent this from happening again and catch the people responsible.”

If you have any information about the vandalism, contact PCSO Ball on 101, quoting crime reference KE/11/2756.

He can also be contacted on 0845 6565 048 or by e-mail christopher.BALL3@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk