Plea for return of one-off ring

AN Exmouth woman who recently became engaged is appealing to the heartless thief who stole her much-loved ring to return it before her big day.

AN Exmouth woman who recently became engaged is appealing to the heartless thief who stole her much-loved ring to return it before her big day.

The 45-year-old care worker, who lives in Rosebery Road, but does not want to be identified, was presented with the 18-carat white gold half-carat diamond ring just weeks ago by her 41-year-old fianc�.

The diamond has been in her fiance's family for 20 years and the ring and precious gem was specially-crafted for the engagement by her husband-to-be.

Last week her unique ring was stolen from her home when a burglar brazenly walked though the front door of the couple's home and stole the woman's handbag from the foot of the stairs.

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Unable to wear her ring to work, the mum-of-two had taken it off and placed it inside the box for safekeeping while she was caring for others.

The unique ring holds sentimental value for the couple.

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To show the depth of his love, the woman's fianc� had the ring specially-crafted from a diamond signet ring he already owned.

The couple are due to get married at the start of next year and the bride-to-be is desperate to wear her engagement ring on their special day.

She said: "I was heartbroken when I couldn't find it.

"It's totally irreplaceable. It was something special for me. It wasn't bought from a shop. It was a one-off. It's got sentimental value. It was special diamond.

"I feel stupid for leaving it in my bag.

"My fianc� was obviously upset because he had it made for me. "He said 'don't blame yourself, you haven't lost it. Someone has come and taken it'.

"When they went through my bag they must have thought they had gone to heaven."

The woman had worn her ring to work to show colleagues, but placed it in its box in her bag until she returned home.

Her bag was stolen from her home moments after she returned from work.

Police later discovered the woman's bag, and its contents, floating in a duck pond in Phear Park.

Officers said the engagement ring and its box was not among the recovered contents.

Detective Sergeant Joanne Hall, of Exmouth CID, said: "This is very sad for the owner.

"I would urge anyone who either has this ring or knows where it is to get in touch with us.

"The ring has a rare hallmark of 'DOM' inscribed inside the band which makes it instantly recognisable."

The ring is an 18-carat white gold band holding a round half carat diamond in a four claw mount. It is sized at K 1/2.

Anyone with information about the ring is asked to contact Exmouth CID on 08452 777 444, quoting crime reference number KE/09/3298, or anonymously by ringing Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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