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Please may I use your column to assist me in my quest to find some of the 7,569 pink cars which are on the road in the UK?

I was delighted when the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd (SMMT) told me how many pink cars there are, but I am struggling to find them and I am hoping your readers might be able to help.

I organise an annual Pink Car Rally, to raise awareness of, and funds for, a fledgling children’s charity; The Little Princess Trust, which gives ‘real hair wigs’ to children who lose their hair, primarily through chemotherapy.

Each Rally leaves Hereford, where the charity is based, and heads for a different children’s hospital. This year’s Rally, on Sunday, September 4, will be going to the Children’s Hospital for Wales, in Cardiff.

More information can be found at If any readers would like to make a donation, visit Just Giving -

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Little Princess Trust.

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