Busy auction house keeps the mind focused, but I still dream of Algerian holiday

Piers Motley writes about his dreams of travelling to Algeria once foreign travel is allowed

Piers Motley writes about his dreams of travelling to Algeria once foreign travel is allowed - Credit: Piers Motley

Exmouth auctioneer Piers Motley writes for the Journal.

Piers Motley-Nash

Piers Motley-Nash - Credit: Piers Motley-Nash

As usual it's been a madly busy week with the sale online and condition reports being sent out to the hundred's of enquiries.

On top of these I've had three probate valuations to do, research, type up and prepare.

The only difference from the norm is the continued lack of viewing as per COVID guidelines. Part of what makes the job worthwhile is interaction with the friends we've all made through the auction room. With this taken away it's been a tough and impersonal year.

On top of this was a visit to Exeter hospital for a pancreas scan.

All I can say  is what an amazing job our NHS do! It's amazing to hear of the vitriol some of those who deny or think that the vaccine is out there to control or kill us. Not once has the NHS tried to kill me off and having been saved by medical science on three separate occasions I know.

Since then I've been doing a bit of dreaming, as I think most of the country is doing.

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Most of these dreams are of seeing friends and family when again we are allowed to. Other dreams include holidays and a relief from the busiest period I have ever known at the auction. After the sale we have a month of packing and shipping to do.

Before this sale we had planned a moment off, but we just got busier so this never happened.

We'll have a month of packing and shipping after this sale and then we are going to close down for a couple of weeks, otherwise there shall always be something which stops us from having any time off.

Lee, our second auctioneer and saleroom manager has recently had a second child and moved home so is in need of some recuperation. 

Obviously travel is going to be very restricted and foreign holidays this summer appear very unlikely, but it seems we're all dreaming of this, who can blame anyone! We've been looking at some of the more remote areas like Pembrokeshire and there are some reasonably priced options (don't tell anyone though!). 

Some time ago we booked a holiday down in Cornwall, with some friends, in October and that's a dream as well.

My biggest dream is a big escape to Algeria _ a big trip into the desert viewing Stone age art, Roman ruins and remote nature. At the moment it is all a dream and we all need these. Keep dreaming!

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