People have their say on the future of Topsham

THE future of Topsham was up for discussion last week at a special exhibition.

THE future of Topsham was up for discussion last week at a special exhibition.

Residents were invited to give their opinions on the Topsham Conservation Area Appraisal document which looks at tackling the problems of the town.

The document will be used by Exeter City Council as a guide before giving the go-ahead to new developments.

The consultation will end April 17 and go to the city council executive mid-June for a decision on the proposals.

The main proposal is to extend the conservation area to include Station Road, Topsham Cemetery, the allotments, Elm Grove Road, Denver Road and Newcourt Road.

This would mean any developments in the area including small work carried out by residents will be constrained by the conservation area's strict rules.

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The document is also proposing an Article 4 Directions for Topsham, meaning there would be extra restrictions on what work can be carried by residents such as preserving historic walls, which currently do not planning permission, and strict guidelines on replacing windows and doors.

Margaret Butt, of the Topsham Community Association, said: "We review the state of Topsham and its environment once in a while.

"This document from the city council gives food for thought and we, including the Topsham Society, will be discussing the very informative document and addressing the issues it highlights."

The document highlights that Topsham, although it has a strong community and is of great historical importance, its streets were poorly kept, its historic walls needed repairing and there was a problem with poor quality modern developments.

It suggested that the roads should be resurfaced and stone kerbs should be reinstated and signs should either be removed or condensed.

The Matthews Hall area should be enhanced; paths, extra planting and seating should be provided for the Ferry Road area with information boards on the archaeological significance of Topsham and that the boatyard's railings should be beautified.

Copies of the Conservation Area Appraisal are also available to view at the Exeter City Council building, Customer Service Centre, in Paris Street, Exeter.

* To fill in the consultation feedback form for Exeter City Council visit

To view the Topsham Conservation Area Appraisal document visit