People are now starting to wake

I have been awaiting David Owen s letter baiting John Kelly with more than usual interest.

People are now

starting to wake

I have been awaiting David

Owen's letter baiting John Kelly

with more than usual interest.

Thinks, will he give credit to Mike

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Amor or not?

The silliness of this ritual is that

David Owen knows full well that it

would take an extraordinary event

for UKIP to actually gain a Parliamentary

seat, given that the voting

system and the media are against

them. UKIP simply does not get the

press coverage it needs to bring its

message to the people.

Mind you, the word is getting

through, people are waking up.

Almost one million people cast

their votes for us in the election.

now, the push for 'peer review' of

each member country's finances

has concentrated a lot of minds.

My son is a top businessman.

When I asked him what he thought

of the idea that our government

should submit its financial plans

for peer review to the 26 other

members of the eU, I was astonished.

I didn't know my lad knew

so many rude words!

If you're short of money, consider

this. A new MeP travels to

Brussels by eurostar, cost approximately

�99, and, on arrival, gets

�600 thrust into his sticky paw. Payment

for the journey, no receipts

required. This fortunate soul gets

paid �64,000 per annum, plus huge,

huge expenses. They actually sit

and vote in the Parliaments for

a total of 60 days per year. Yes, I

did say parliaments, plural. The

�300m Strasbourg Parliament and

the �700m Brussels complex. nothing

but the best. ever read Animal


Bills are put before the MePs at

a rate of 600 per hour. They don't

have time to even scan them, they

just press the button to pass them.

If they don't turn up to vote, their

allowances are halved.

MePs who wish to speak are

allowed only 90 seconds, and then

their microphone is turned off.

That works out at a rate of �500 per

second over a year. Some 75% of

our laws come to us via this route.

Despite the very best efforts of

what I consider to be the traitors

in our midst, people are suddenly

waking up to the truth about the

eU. Amongst them, I'm very glad

to say, young, vibrant, questioning,

intelligent folk who have seen

the light. We truly are living in

interesting times!

Ann Prior,

75 Egremont Road, Exmouth.