Pay to park rule may be changed

TOPSHAM car parks could soon revert back to being free after nearly 100 residents complained to city councillors.

TOPSHAM car parks could soon revert back to being free after nearly 100 residents complained to city councillors.Parking was the most discussed topic in Topsham after residents were invited to an open forum with the police, county and city councillors, and Steve Carnell, in charge of parking in Exeter.The biggest point of contention was the introduction of car parking fees at Tappers Close Car Park - residents said this effectively left them without a free car park.Car parking fees were introduced earlier this year.This was to allow train users to park in the overflow car park and to make up the shortfall of the city council's concessionary bus scheme.However, residents pointed out the car park was literally empty since the charges came into force.County Councillor Andrew Leadbetter said: "A lot of the anger is against the city council for their car park charges."People wanted to know why the city council can't give them leeway- they could be more sympathetic to Topsham's uniqueness."The city council promised at the meeting, held at Matthews Hall, on Thursday, March 19, to review the car parking charges.PCSO Percy Giles said: "We organised the meeting after we got together with Councillor Rob Newby and looked at (parking) solutions, such as making it payable only for a few hours day."It was important to have people's opinions in an open forum."Residents asked councillors to address their parking problems, both the lack of spaces and the problems dangerous and illegal parking present to other motorists.One of the ideas taken up at the meeting was to take up the verges to allow for echelon parking.If you would like Tappers Close car park to be free, call Councillor Andrew Leadbetter on 07815 967989 to have your say.

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