Pass them on

Your short article on World Book Night last week prompted me, as the person who actually made the selections for which person would give away which title, to wonder how many people in Exmouth had actually been chosen.

In total, 17 people with the EX8 postcode were selected, while a further 202 had other EX postcodes – this out of a total of a little under 20,000 people throughout the UK and Eire. These 17 Exmothians gave away a total of 816 books altogether, covering 13 of the 25 titles available.

It is important to realise that it is intended that the recipients of these books are themselves supposed to pass on their book when they have finished with them.

With a great deal of luck, in time, everyone in Exmouth could be offered a copy of each of the 25 titles.

Leslie Henry

18 Drake’s Avenue, Exmouth.

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