Paedophile - ‘throw away the key’ says former friend

A former friend of paedophile Tommy Dance had hoped for longer sentencing for the child sex beast, saying locking him up for life was no more than he deserved.

The man, who does not want to be identified, said married dad-of-three Dance was a control freak with a temper – who charmed women and young girls.

He said he was glad the judge had jailed Dance for 21-and-a-half years, but wished the court had ordered the key to be thrown away.

The man told the Journal Dance was a ‘control freak and a bully’, who gained a hold of people through fear.

“People were terrified of him,” said the man.

He said Dance’s charity work claims – that he raised cash for children suffering from cancer – were a lie and made to boost his credibility in court.

The man said he had washed his hands of the convicted sex offender and wanted no more to do with him.

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“He told me he didn’t do it. He’s in denial, while every one of his victims faces a lifetime of living with what he’s done. They should throw away the key,” he said. “It’s shocked and appalled me. I can’t forgive what he’s done.”

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