Over 50s volunteers in schools needed

A CHARITY that fosters closer ties between young people and the over 50s is calling for volunteers to work in East Devon s schools.

A CHARITY that fosters closer ties between young people and the over 50s

is calling for volunteers to work in East Devon's schools.

RSVP, the Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme, is the only UK wide organisation that offers the opportunity to everyone over the age of 50 to volunteer.

And they want up to 12 volunteers to give their time to work in schools, helping mostly with literacy.

The volunteers can come from any background, and would be paired up with teachers or teaching assistants - offering their knowledge and a lifetime of skills and experience in both primary and secondary schools.

Most volunteers help with reading, library, numeracy work, art and craft sessions, music, sports and games, storytelling and computer skills.

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Howard Witts, the Exmouth and area coordinator, said: "Many children have no male role model to draw on; others have no experience of employment in the family, or don't know their grandparents.

"This experience can be mutually beneficial as it directly benefits the volunteer. After the death of a loved one or after retiring it gives them a chance to benefits the community.

"We encourage volunteers from all community groups, and RSVP has no age limit for volunteers - you are as young as you feel! If you want to be involved we will welcome you whatever your age.

"We particularly welcome volunteers aged over 80."

Volunteers can work for as few or as many hours as they can spare, and one volunteer, Doreen, aged 90, said: "I love it, the idea that, at my age, I still have a contribu8tion to make to society.

"The children stimulate me.

"My day in school is the one day of the week I have a real reason to get out of bed.

"One day I will give it all up and it is a day I dread.

"Volunteering in a school is a privilege and I am so glad that I started."

For more information call Howard on: (01395) 273602.

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