Otterton's triumph

OTTERTON Garden Club celebrated its 80th birthday in style when on Saturday scores of competitors entered the club's first show of the year. Organisers had feared the icy conditions of only a few weeks ago would reduce entry numbers, or even force postpon

OTTERTON Garden Club celebrated its 80th birthday in style when on Saturday scores of competitors entered the club's first show of the year.Organisers had feared the icy conditions of only a few weeks ago would reduce entry numbers, or even force postponement of the show. But the recent change to mild, sunny days came to the rescue - kick-starting the flowering season and ensuring sufficient blooms appeared.Club chairman Ro Smith declared the spring show "a resounding success", with almost a record number of entries. He said: "No-one expected us to match last year's record total of nearly 300 exhibits, but we had more than 240."Club president Eric Paver recorded six class wins on his way to gaining the cup for most points in show for the fourth year running. He was also top-scorer in the cut blooms section, in which the best exhibit award went to Sue Palin's vase of mixed shrub flowers. Cactus enthusiast Peter Whatley completed his hat-trick in the pot plant classes by winning most points three years in a row. Beryl Millington won the trophy for home-made produce.Ros Pusey and Sue Tibbott shared the honours in a highly competitive floral decoration section, which attracted the largest number of entries for many years, with 30 stunning arrangements by 14 exhibitors.In contrast, the junior classes were again poorly supported. Just eight children entered 14 exhibits, compared with 15 youngsters and 40 entries in 2006. Eight-year-old Anna Constable won trophies for best painting and most points among the older children, while Stevie Mears, three, earned the cup for the under-eights. The new Young Growers Trophy, introduced to encourage continued participation by children who are too old for the junior section, was shared by Tom Dufall and Jack Mead, both aged 12. "We really would like to see many more children taking part because they represent the club's future," said Mr Smith. "They should have an extra incentive now they've started work on the village school's new vegetable garden." CLASS RESULTSDaffodils (Judge: Paul Champion)1 bloom, any type: 1 Neil Constable; 2 Eric Paver; 3 Sylvia Bunn; HC Ann Lawrence, David Mead, Jack Mead, Pat Parkin. 5 varieties: 1 Eric Paver; 2 Mark Dufall; 3 Neil Constable; HC Anne Hemming, Diane Payne. 3 varieties trumpet: 1 Eric Paver. 3 varieties long-cup: 1 Eric Paver; 2 Mark Dufall; 3 June Kennard-Simpson. Yellow trumpet: 1 Sue Tibbott; 2 Mark Dufall; 3 Sylvia Bunn; HC Neil Constable, Diane Payne. Bi-coloured trumpet: 1 Eric Paver. White long-cup: 1 Freda Paver; 2 Judith Yates; 3 Geoff Paver. Yellow long-cup: 1 Diane Payne; 2 Mark Dufall; HC Teresa Davidson. Bi-coloured long-cup: 1 Diane Payne; 2 Rosemary Holt; 3 Eric Paver; HC Teresa Davidson, Geoff Paver. White short-cup: 1 Freda Paver. Bi-coloured short-cup: 1 Eric Paver; HC Geoff Paver.Double bloom: 1 Neil Constable; 2 Judith Yates; 3 Sylvia Bunn; HC Jack Mead. Multi-headed: 1 Suzanne Smith; 2 Eric Paver; HC Pat Parkin. Miniature: 1 Sue Palin; 2 Rosemary Holt; 3 Mark Dufall; HC Tom Dufall, Ann Lawrence, Pat Parkin, Betty Smith. Any other: 2 Geoff Paver.Other cut blooms (Judge: Paul Champion): 3 stems camellia: 1 Sue Palin; HC Pat Parkin. 1 bloom camellia: 1 Pat Parkin; 2 Sue Palin; 3 Suzanne Smith; HC Neil Constable. Mixed foliage: 1 Pat Parkin; 2 June Kennard-Simpson; 3 Diane Payne; HC Sue Palin. Mixed flowering shrubs: 1 Sue Palin; 2 Pat Parkin; 3 Anne Hemming; HC Suzanne Smith. Hellebore: 1 Diane Payne; 2 Eric Paver; 3 Pat Parkin; HC Geoff Paver. Grape hyacinths: 1 Suzanne Smith; 2 Sue Tibbott; 3 Geoff Paver; HC Freda Paver. Heathers: 1 Eric Paver; 2 Mark Dufall; 3 Diane Payne.Pot plants (Judge: Paul Champion): Polyanthus or primrose: 1 Geoff Paver; 2 Eric Paver; 3 Anne Hemming. Flowering bulbs or corms: 1 Diane Payne. Any flowering plant: 1 Freda Paver; 2 Eric Paver; 3 Geoff Paver; HC Diane Payne. Small cactus: 1 Peter Whatley; 2 Diane Payne; 3 Eric Paver. Large cactus: 1 Peter Whatley. Small succulent: 1 Peter Whatley; 2 Diane Payne. Large succulent: 1 Diane Payne; 2 Peter Whatley. Collection of cacti: 1 Peter Whatley. Collection of succulents: 1 Peter Whatley. Foliage plant: 1 Sylvia Bunn; 2 Floral decoration (Judge: Julia Harrison). 24-inch display: 1 Ros Pusey; 2 Sue Tibbott; 3 Margaret Davy; HC Peta Saunders, Sandra Wallace. 15-inch display: 1 Ros Pusey; 2 Sue Tibbott; 3 Peta Saunders; HC Judith Yates. Wine glass: 1 Sue Tibbott; 2 Judith Yates; 3 Ros Pusey; HC Diane Payne, Sandra Wallace.Home-made produce (Judge: Mary Orchard): Teabread: 1 June Kennard-Simpson; 2 Sue Tibbott; 3 Betty Smith; HC Joan Paver. Viennese whirls: 1 Sue Palin; 2 Beryl Millington; 3 Joan Paver; HC Tom Dufall. Sausage plait: 1 Beryl Millington; 2 Vanessa Herman; 3 Joan Paver; HC Sue Palin. Marmalade: 1 Rosemary Holt; 2 Betty Smith; 3 June Kennard-Simpson; HC Sylvia Bunn.Children's classes (Judges: Julia Harrison and Mary Orchard): Age up to 7 - Modelling clay fish: 1 George Mead; 2 Stevie Mears. Gingerbread: 1 Stevie Mears. Painting: 1 George Mead; equal 2 Ruby Ford, Stevie Mears. Age 8 to 11- Modelling clay fish: 1 Anna Constable; 2 Sophie Evans; 3 Emilia Copp Gingerbread: 1 Anna Constable; 2 Lucy Dufall. Painting: 1 Anna Constable; 2 Emilia Copp; 3 Felix Ford.