Otterton flower show success

A FLOURISH of late entries saved this year’s Otterton Garden Club’s autumn show .

“We were starting to panic on Thursday morning when we only had about half the number of entries than we normally have,” said Suzanne Smith the club’s show secretary.

“By the Friday morning before the show, we ended up with 245 exhibits compared with 265 the previous year with only a couple of classes with no entries.”

Chairman Ro Smith, who won the Hart Cup for the most points in the show, said 2011 had been a difficult growing season.

She said: “I’m very pleased that the show turned out so well, but we do need more support to ensure it’s continued success.”

She said entry was free and the club needed to attract more entries from neighbouring villages.

Best supported class was the photography section with 30 photographs submitted.

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The standard of exhibits was very high and Nina Locke won the David Mead Cup for the best exhibit.

Floral arrangements were excellent and Ros Pusey took the Floral Decoration Cup for the most points, with Sue Tibbott in close second place. Sue took the Jenner Cup for the best exhibit in the cut blooms section.

Tony Bennett scooped the Pointer Cup for best exhibit in fruit and the Fruit Cup for most points in fruit classes.

Otterton Garden Club’s next meeting is on October 18 at 7:30pm in the village hall, with a talk on Herbaceous perennials and borders by Graham White.

Information on the club is at .


Cup Winners

Hart Cup for most points in show: Ro Smith; Bennett Cup for most points in cut blooms: Suzanne Smith; Jenner Cup for best exhibit in cut blooms: Sue Tibbott; Plant Cup for most points in pot plants: Stephen Locke: Alan Miller Cup for best exhibit in pot plants: Stephen Locke; Floral Decoration Cup for most points in floral decoration:Ros Pusey; Fruit Cup for most points in fruit and Pointer Cup for best exhibit in fruit: Tony Bennett; Vegetable Cup for most points in vegetables and Sid Paver Cup for best exhibit in vegetables Ro Smith; Vegetable Challenge Cup for best exhibit in collection of vegetables: Mark Dufall; Home Cookery Cup for most points in home-made produce: Joan Paver: David Mead Cup for best picture: Nina Locke: Juniors Cup for most points up to seven years: Stevie Mears; Intermediate Cup for most points for ages eight to 11: Emilia Copp; Young Growers Trophy for most points overall in adult sections for under 18’s: Lucy Dufall.

Class Results

Dahlias, three blooms, one variety: 1. Freda Paver; 2. Pat Parkin; 3. Suzanne Smith. Dahlias, three blooms, mixed varieties: 2. Annette Chapman.

Roses, HT/bush, three stems: 1. Freda Paver; 2. Eric Paver.

Roses, floribunda/cluster, three stems: 1. Diane Payne.

Rose, one bloom, any variety: 1. Suzanne Smith: 2. Mark Dufall; 3. Freda Paver.

Michaelmas daisies: 1. Annette Chapman; 2. Suzanne Smith.

Chrysanthemums: 2. Freda Paver.

Hydrangeas: 1. Suzanne Smith; 2. Ro Smith.

Gladiolus: 1. Sue Tibbott; 2. Freda Paver.

One bloom except rose or gladiolus: 1. Diane Payne; 2. Philip Greenhow; 3. Annette Chapman.

Any flowers five stems, 1 or more varieties: 1. Nina Locke; 2. Suzanne Smith; 3. Pat Parkin; HC. Annette Chapman and Diane Payne.

Berried shrubs: 1. Maz Dufall, 2. Judith Yates.

Flowering shrubs: 1. Diane Payne; 2. Suzanne Smith; 3. Judith Yates.

Fuchsia: 1. Eric Paver; 2. Jack Mead.

Any flowering plant: 1. Diane Payne; 2. Philippa Gould; 3. Nina Locke.

Any plant, foliage only: 1. Stephen Locke; 2. Rosemary Holt, 3. Annette Chapman.

One cactus: 2. Lucy Dufall.

One succulent: 1. Stephen Locke; 2. Annette Chapman; 3. Diane Payne; HC. Lucy Dufall and Jenny Daly.

“What No Flowers” floral decoration: 1. Sue Tibbott; 2. Judith Yates; 3. Ros Pusey.

“Purple Haze”: 1. Ros Pusey; 2. Sue Tibbott; 3. Pat Parkin.

“Lovely Jubbly” arrangement in a bottle: 1. Ros Pusey; 2. Sue Tibbott; 3. Jenny Daly.

Arrangement in an egg cup: 1. Ros Pusey; 2. Sue Tibbott.

Cox’s Orange Pippin or Sunset apples: 1. Tony Bennett; 2. Pat Parkin.

Bramley Seedling apples: 1. Tony Bennett; 2. Mark Dufall; 3. Philip Greenhow; HC. Beryl Millington.

Dessert apples, any other variety: 1. Pat Parkin; 2. Tony Bennett; 3. Philip Greenhow; HC. Annette Chapman.

Culinary apples, except Bramley Seedling: 1. Neil Constable; 2. Tony Bennett; 3. Philip Greenhow; HC. Judith Yates and Annette Chapman.

Class 28 3 pears, any variety, 1st Tony Bennett, 2nd Philip Greenhow, 3rd Mark Dufall,HC Neil Constable

Blackberries: 1. Freda Paver; 2. Tony Bennett; 3. Judith Yates.

Raspberries: 1. Mark Dufall; 2. Tony Bennett; 3. Judith Yates.

Any other fruit: 1. Ro Smith; 2. Christine Lee; 3. Sue Tibbott; HC. Tony Bennett, Philip Greenhow and Neil Constable.

Five potatoes: 1. Ro Smith; 2. Eric Paver; 3. Annette Chapman.

Five onions: 1. Ro Smith: 2. Pat Parkin; 3. Eric Paver.

Nine shallots: 1. Sue Tibbott: 2. Eric Paver; 3. Annette Chapman.

Three beetroot: 1. Eric Paver; 3. Philip Greenhow.

Five tomatoes, 1. Tony Bennett; 2. Freda Paver; 3. Ro Smith; HC. Pat Parkin.

Nine cherry tomatoes: 1. Nina Locke; 2. Pat Parkin; 3. Freda Paver; HC. Ro Smith.

Five runner beans: 1. Ro Smith; 2. Mark Dufall; 3. Pat Parkin; HC. Eric Paver.

Three courgettes: 1. Eric Paver; 2. Ro Smith; HC. Philip Greenhow and Pat Parkin.

Three leeks: 2. Ro Smith.

Gourd, pumpkin or squash: 1. Mark Dufall; 2. Philip Greenhow; 3. Pat Parkin.

Any other vegetable: 1. Ro Smith; 2. Pat Parkin; 3. Suzanne Smith.

Collection of veg:, 1. Mark Dufall; 2. Ro Smith; 3. Philip Greenhow; HC. Eric Paver.

Amusingly Shaped Vegetable: 2. Sue Tibbott.

Loaf of white bread: 1. Joan Paver and Nina Locke.

Cherry cake: 1. Joan Paver; 2. Sue Palin; 3. Jill Gladstone.

Chocolate chip cookies: 1. Joan Paver; 2. Sue Palin; 3. Lucy Dufall.

Plain scones, Men only: 1. Eric Paver; 2. Terry Tibbott.

Jar any jelly: 1. Joan Paver; 2. Lucy Dufall; 3. Christine Lee.

Jar raspberry jam: 1. Mark Dufall; 1. Jenny Daly; 2. Joan Paver; 3. Ro Smith.

Jar blackcurrant jam: 1. Jenny Daly.

Jar strawberry jam: 1. Joan Paver.

Jar any other jam: 1. Sue Palin; 2. Rosemary Holt; 3. Christine Lee.

Jar chutney: 1. Joan Paver; 2. Sue Palin; 3. Maz Dufall.

Flower in Close Up: 1. Nina Locke; 2. Roy Morrish; 3. Sarah Morrish; HC. Jill Gladstone.

Local Village Scene: 1. Jane Morrish; 2. Nina Locke; 3. Roy Morrish; HC. Annette Chapman.

Potato Print (Age up to 7); 1. Stevie Mears.

Flower Arrangement in Mug (Age up to 7): 1. Stevie Mears.

Potato Print (Age 8 to 11): 1. Emilia Copp; 2. Anna Constable.

Flower Arrangement in Mug (Age 8 to 11): 1. Emilia Copp; 2. Anna Constable.