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RE: Exmouth spitfire pilot has NHS funding taken away I was saddened to see the situation that John Mejor and his family are facing.

RE: Exmouth spitfire pilot has NHS funding taken away

I was saddened to see the situation that John Mejor and his family are facing. None of us want to think that having worked hard all our lives to build a home and raise a family, fought for our country, as in Mr Mejor's case, and saved for our retirement that everything has to be given back to the state to fund care when we need it. Sadly, I believe this is a growing issue as more of us live longer through advances in medical science, often surviving previously life-threatening illnesses.

The Office for National Statistics quotes the number of centenarians will rise from 9,600 in England and Wales in 2008 to 64,200 by 2033. In addition, the number of people in 75-84 age range will increase from 3.4 million in 2008, to 7 million by 2081. This is going to put increasing pressure on the State to find ways to get us to contribute to the cost of care, both residential and nursing care.

I am a qualified Independent Financial Adviser, specialising in long term care advice and planning. I came to realise that many of my clients were struggling to sort out family affairs when their elderly parents were facing just the sort of issues that Sally is now sorting out. They were frightened about money running out, having to sell homes, and how they could ensure their loved ones could continue to remain at home with help, or stay in the care home of their choice for the rest of their lives. What surprised me was the lack of general understanding about options available to us, to both ensure a comfortable and dignified life for our loved ones, as well as being able to preserve the wealth of a family for future generations.

Having taken specialist qualifications to give specific financial advice regarding these matters, I can see what a minefield it is. Only when you actually face a situation like the Mejors, does one really get thrown right in at the deep end and struggle to work out options during what is undoubtedly an emotive and stressful time for all concerned.

Last autumn, I offered, through your columns, a weekly workshop in Exmouth to meet with anyone with concerns, either for themselves, or their loved ones, about long term care planning. As a result, I spoke with several local families and know I have assisted them to make some sound financial plans for the future. I would like to extend this offer of help to anyone who would like independent, impartial advice presented in an empathetic manner and with no obligation. I can be contacted on 07923 449985 and the meetings can take place at my office at home, or at a mutually convenient location. I hope this is of help to the community.

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