Opposition to new homes

As many as 3,000 new homes in Exmouth and 15,000 across East Devon are set to be built by 2026 a council panel has ruled.

As many as 3,000 new homes in Exmouth and 15,000 across East Devon could built built a 2026 a council panel has ruled.

Last September the district council’s local development framework panel (LDF) consulted the public on plans for 19,420 homes.

But a group of district councilors say that that the revised numbers are still too high - and that the county council’s own population forecasts show that just 12,000 homes are needed.

At a meeting at the district council offices last week members of the panel, including councilors Claire Wright and Ray Bloxham, argued that it is these figures that should be used to determine the level of development in the district.

However senior council officer Kate Little and chairman of the panel councilor Mike Allen stuck to their guns and insisted that the extra 3,000 homes were needed.

One of the councilors calling for lower levels, councilor Roger Giles, said that there was ‘massive opposition’ from the public.

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He said: “The proposal agreed was 15,000 dwellings ( a minimum number) so I doubt that the final proposal will be different from the original proposal.

“Of course we need some housing, especially for our younger and less well-off residents. But 15,000 is far too many and is unjustifiable.”

He added: “Once again East Devon District Council has made a perverse strategic planning decision.

“Once again the wishes of the residents of East Devon who elect councillors have been placed second to the desires of developers, and to the determination of the government to see development at any cost.”

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