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I am writing to thank my wife Sue, family, friends and supporters for their invaluable assistance and advice throughout the process of the local elections.

Without their kind words of support and enthusiasm, it would have been difficult to deliver my message to the good people of Exmouth.

The most valuable outcome of all our efforts is that the Local Development Framework (LDF) proposals of East devon District Council have now been publicly unsupported by the majority of political parties throughout East Devon.

It is now time for those individuals, who have been elected to office, to honour their word and act upon the wishes of the electorate.

East Devon, and especially Exmouth, will be entering a new phase in the regeneration of planning and restructuring of the area.

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I foresee an exciting period of change, not only within the towns and villages of East Devon, but, also, for our young people, to whom it is hoped we will leave a great legacy.

This will only be achieved if all parties ask what people desire, listen to all arguments and continue to communicate in an open forum to gain the trust and backing of the electorate.

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Jeff Trail

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