Olympics to be celebrated with collage

EXMOUTH WI is leading a group of volunteers from around the town in creating a collage to celebrate the London Olympics

They have, so far, spent two years working on the design, which contains the Olympic rings, spectators and flags.

The project is being led by the WI, but several other groups from around Exmouth have made embroidered spectators to go on the collage, which will hang in the town hall.

The finished design will be made into a sail by Frank Rowsell, of Rowsell Sails, in order to commemorate Exmouth’s long maritime history and the recent Olympic success of its sailors.

The collage will be hung after the Olympics have taken place, so that winner’s medals can be added to the collage in honour of successful GB athletes.

Exmouth WI’s Hilary Higgins said: “We’ve put over a thousand hours of work into it so far, and we’re having great fun.

“It’s hard work, but it’s also full of enjoyment.

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“It’s a great effort from the whole town, coming together to celebrate the Olympics.”

The collage is expected to be hung in September 2012.