Nuclear worries

In your paper ( Journal, April 12) Hugo Swire agreed that nuclear power stations were an essential component in the nation’s energy supply, more reactors were needed and that we need have no fears on account of the Japanese experience because there was little likelihood of earthquakes or tsunami here.

In the Journal of April 28, I wrote, pointing out that the message to us from Japan was not to do with earthquakes or tsunami, but to do with the fact that nuclear reactors, when they explode, can cause unimaginable devastation, rendering vast tracts of land uninhabitable.

In a country permanently under high terrorist alert, the catalyst does not need to be a cataclysmic natural occurrence.

Just over a week ago, the Germans decided that, following the Japanese disaster, they will close down all their reactors by 2021.

We find it unimaginable that East Devon could become a radioactive uninhabitable wasteland and yet that is a tangible prospect should one of the Hinckley Point reactors explode. Originally, Hugo Swire, in his article, told us we have no need to worry. I have argued that we do. Perhaps Hugo Swire would like to respond and explain what next steps, if any, he feels are necessary to protect his constituents from the nightmare scenarios that I have envisaged.

Geoff Morris

9 Trinfield Avenue, Exmouth.