Nothing is impossible!

Royal Marines attempt the impossible to raise money for, and awareness of, two extremely beneficial Children’s charities, Children in Need and The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund.

Conscious of the heavy contribution generously donated to main stream charities, a selection of Royal Marines want to raise funds by attempting a challenge which has NEVER been completed before.

During Royal Marines basic training, recruits spend 30 weeks being prepared physically and mentally for their Commando Tests, upon successful completion of which they earn the right to wear the coveted Green Beret. These four gruelling tests are spread over an eight day (inclusive) period and are designed to push the Royal Marine recruit to his physical and mental limits.

On November 15, the team will attempt to complete all four of the Commando Tests within a 24 hour period.

? Firstly the Endurance Course which comprises of a four mile speed march to the start of the course.

Located on Woodbury Common, the route is 2.5 miles cross country and includes five sets of tunnels, one of which being fully submerged. Once the cross country phase is complete then the team will have to make best time over the four miles back to Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM). Carrying 21lbs plus a rifle the test must be completed in under 73 minutes.

? The team will then be driven to the start of the nine mile Speed March where once again carrying 21lbs and a rifle they will maintain 10 minute mile pace over varied terrain reaching the main gates at CTCRM in no more than 90 minutes.

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? Located within CTCRM the Tarzan Assault Course requires the team to successfully navigate the Commando Slide, the confidence course situated within the trees, a complete circuit of the extremely demanding assault course and finally the ascent of the 30ft wall. All aspects must be completed within 13 minutes whilst once again, carrying 21 lbs of kit and a rifle.

? And finally, the team will transit to Dartmoor where, at around 6am, they will embark upon the 30 Mile Route March in under eight hours. Carrying 21lbs, a rifle and safety stores they will cross the arduous terrain that Dartmoor presents whilst negotiating its rapidly changing, unpredictable climate. Bogs and energy sapping hills will also contribute to the accumulated physical degradation which the team hope to push through in order to successfully complete this momentous feat.

If you would like to donate to this feat of endurance you can go online and donate at:

Or make a donation in the box at Cabin News on The Strand, Exmouth.