‘North’ station site illogical

Please, let us have an end to the nonsensical suggestion of an “Exmouth North” railway station on the land that was so generously donated to the National Trust only a few years ago.

The location is illogical, anyway, not in a convenient place at all. I think the whole idea is a red herring by the county council`s transport planning officer to prolong discussions and “consultations”.

I think it was the same official who was quoted recently as saying he was content to contemplate an improvement in the train service to Exmouth “in 10 years’ time or more”. That is like the complacent attitude that one usually hears from a Whitehall civil servant.

The need for improvements to Exmouth station and the train service has been obvious for some time, as Exmouth grew and continues to grow.

People travel in large numbers all day, not just in commuter time. Many go on much further on the national rail network, but most go to and from Exeter city centre for various reasons. I am sure that, like me, they do not want more stops on the line .

What are needed are longer and more modern trains and improvements to Exmouth station itself.There is plenty of scope to restore the second platform, as was recently suggested. This would enable an improvement in both frequency and punctuality, as the only passing place at present is at Topsham station.

Many other areas of the country have had fabulous new stations and lines built and many stations upgraded - and still demand more.

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The Government has pledged to continue to invest in railways on a large scale, so no excuses there then.

So this is the time for our authorities, including the county transport “planner”, to press hard for a proper 21st Century train service for Exmouth without delay.

Geoffrey Smith,