We applaud Mrs Slocombe’s letter concerning noise (Journal, August 19) and have to agree with every word she writes.

For many years, my husband and I have lived here, overlooking what used to the beautiful Strand Gardens. However, this year this ongoing mayhem from the building site’s concrete breakers, angle grinders and heavy lorries have all contributed to one hell of a racket, but, hopefully, this will soon diminish. But the racket blasting across from Exmouth Indoor Market every Sunday morning is reminiscent to being next door to a funfair. Is it really necessary to have this noise blasting out on a Sunday morning?

I work in casualty and Thursday, Friday and Saturdays nights are exceptionally busy, in fact, normally mayhem, nothing like the fictitious scenes projected by television soaps. Drunks, druggies, car accidents and, as always, the assault when you are not expecting it. The list is endless, but, no matter who comes through those doors, I, as part of a team, do everything in our professional power to ensure that there is life after the mayhem.

My husband, a fire officer, has similar challenges, and we both arrive home in the early hours and, literally, drop into our bed to recharge our batteries, only to be blasted out of bed from the screams of so-called entertainment -- singing – sorry, wrong word - screeching, in the street from Exmouth market. Even our double-glazing doesn’t stop the thump, thump of the over-used bass backing, surely excelling the permitted noise levels, normally associated with boyracers and their hot, super-charged bangers.

If the market management want this type of rubbish blasting out, then why not have it situated in one of their empty units, with the speakers pointing towards the management’s office, perhaps then they would realise the noise levels they are generating.

In fact give me the management’s home address and I will happily sit outside their homes with my DVD blasting at the same levels in the early hours, and revenge would be sweet.

Fortunately for them, we are not all as inconsiderate.

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Dinner time, we took a stroll up Albion Hill, although the screeching had stopped due to the rain, the thump, thump could still be heard by the gasometer and they call this entertainment. Thank you, Lord, for making it rain that day.

Mrs Patricia Langridge

Flat 5, The Strand, Exmouth.