No support for house plan

A bid to build a modern two-storey home at 38B Albion Street has not got the support of town planners.

A neighbour, Arthur Cook, said that the building would back on to the Georgian Street, Henrietta Place, where he lived.

He said, while he backed the original application for a bungalow because it would provide affordable housing, a two storey home would block out the light to the front of his home.

Mr Cook said: “This will be exactly opposite our bedroom. A second storey would prevent all the light going into the front of our house.

“It would be, quite literally, daylight robbery!

He added: “We don’t think a modern building would suit the Georgian Street.”

Councillor Steve Gazzard said: “I would recommend refusal on the basis of overdevelopment and that the plans are out of keeping with the area.”

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The plans will now be decided by district planners.

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