No pleasure...

I was born and raised in Exmouth,

And although I am 73,

I like each week to go swimming

But not down in the sea

I prefer to come to the swimming pool,

You may also want to watch:

And do half a mile when in,

But it seems that whenever I come,

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There’s only half a pool to swim.

Tues evening, ladies’ night.

Half a pool again,

Thurs evening it’s even worse,

Partitioned into narrow lanes.

Trying to swim in this confined space

With a man doing crawl in your lane,

You get swamped every time he passes,

And a kick in the side for your pains.

Then if you get two ladies,

Who swim side by side and chat,

You have no room to pass them by,

What can you do about that?

These lanes reduce your options,

As only two to a lane is fine

I am beginning to wonder seeing how much is costs,

Whether I am just really wasting my time.

We that helped to raise the money,

For this pool and centre of leisure,

It seems it was a hard work wasted,

For something that now gives no pleasure.

Mary Davis

14 Caroline Close, Exmouth.

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