Nigel Snowshall: 'United we stand, divided we fall' plea to support local

Magnolia centre Exmouth. Ref exe 02 19TI 8233.

Magnolia centre Exmouth. Ref exe 02 19TI 8233. - Credit: Archant

Nigel Snowshall, of Exmouth Beach Rescue Club, writes for the Journal

Nigel Snowshall of Exmouth Beach Rescue Club

Nigel Snowshall of Exmouth Beach Rescue Club - Credit: Archant

A very happy new year to all Journal readers and for many good riddance to a most testing year that was 2020.

For many years in recent times, and for many different reasons, I remember my wife and I hoping that the following year would bring better fortune than the last.

Well for many I’m sure that sentiment, so often overused, could not be more appropriate for this year’s transition.

However, despite this fact, I never fail to be amazed by humanity’s seemingly endless resolve when faced with challenging times, especially when the nature of which are totally out of our control.

Now we can all be opinionated in reference to the decisions that have been made by the leaders of our country and communities at all levels throughout this pandemic, but it seems to me that the Great British spirit of 'keep calm (or not so), face it head on and carry on' really has seen us through this last difficult year.

Of course, the symptoms of the pandemic are far from over despite there being, hopefully, a light at the end of the tunnel; even if that tunnel leads us to somewhere slightly different to where it may have done before.

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It has been interesting to see the way local businesses have dealt with the issues they have faced and the innovative ways they have found to ensure they will still be here when our new normal arrives.

It is worth remembering that our locally owned and run establishments are a pivotal part of our community. Whether it’s your favourite drinking establishment, place to eat or, in your opinion, the best butcher, greengrocer or fishmonger in town (other establishment types are available); it is essential that we all patronise these businesses whenever we can – simply use it or lose it! The old adage of 'United we stand, divided we fall' could not be so apt to ensure Exmouth remains a vibrant thriving community after Covid 19.

Once again a very happy new year to you all and above everything stay safe.

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