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Exe Sailing Club wants to return two memorial benches to their homes. Read about this and more.

Speed Checks: Littleham police this month have carried out a series of traffic checks in a bid to curb speeding drivers.

Officers said 73 vehicles travelling at the Litteham Road-Bidmead Close junction on Wednesday, September 14, were all found to be within the speed limit.

When 90 vehicles were checked by police at Douglas Avenue on the same date, five were found to be speeding and the police took the drivers’ details.

All 65 vehicles tested a week later, while travelling past Littleham Primary School, in Littleham Road, were found to be within the legal limit, the police said.

On the same day, in Douglas Avenue, three vehicles of 59 checked by police were found to be over the speed limit.


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Memorial Benches: The search is on to find out more about two memorial benches spotted floating in the sea off Exmouth.

Members of the Exe Sailing Club brought the pair of benches ashore and are keen to reunite them with their original plots.

Both benches have memorial plaques and the club hopes someone will recognise the names and where the benches were originally sited.

The seats are being temporarily stored at Exmouth Marina until they can be returned.

A spokesman for the Exe Sailing Club said: “Both benches are believed to have entered the water somewhere up the River Exe.

“The search is now on to find where they came from so that they can be returned.”

One of the plaques reads: John Dobson, Bosun, Merchant Navy – died 1982 when the SS Atlantic Conveyor was attacked during the Falklands War

The other says: Brian “Sheps” Sheppard – died 2006 – fondly remembered and missed by his friends from Exmouth, Honiton, Shirehampton and Avonmouth FC.

If you have any information about the benches, contact Ted Draper on (01395) 277428.


Fundraiser: Marpool Primary School is holding a jumble sale.

It takes place in the school hall on October 8, from 2pm to 3.30pm.

Quality clothes, bric-a-brac, toys, games, books and refreshments will be available.

Admission is 20p, and all profits will go to the school PTA fund