New Topsham history book released

A new photographic history of Topsham gives a unique insight into the town’s past.

The book Topsham: The Historic Port of Exeter has been produced by Topsham Museum in partnership with Exeter author Peter Thomas.

The book contains more than 250 photos, dating from the 1890s up to the 1960s.

Many of the photos have come from the museum’s own collection, with the rest coming from other collections including Peter’s own archive, which features more than 60,000 photographs of Topsham and Exeter.

The project took two years to complete, and was a labour of love for Peter, who has previously written an illustrated history of the Exe Estuary.

He said: “I’m Exeter born and bred, and I’ve been interested in the Exe estuary and Topsham all my life.

“I approached the museum two years ago and asked them if they would like me to create a new book for Topsham.

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“I’m a specialist in archive images, and virtually every image in the book had to be restored, so it was a painstaking piece of work.

“The museum has done all the background research for the book’s photo captions, so they had a direct involvement in it.”

The book was launched with an audio visual presentation at Matthews Hall, and is available at