Cocktails and fine dining on the menu at Exmouth hotel

Tom Lelliott at the Hat or Lemon cocktail bar at the Manor Hotel 

Tom Lelliott at the Hat or Lemon cocktail bar at the Manor Hotel - Credit: Hat or Lemon

A new cocktail bar and restaurant are to open in the Manor Hotel, Exmouth. 

The Hat or Lemon bar is due to open on March 10 and will be serving high quality local wines, spirits, beers and ciders as well as cocktails. 

A new restaurant, Samphire 21, is also opening at the hotel in March, offering a mix of fine dining and classic dishes. 

The cocktail bar will be run by Tom Lelliott who told the Journal: “I've been working in cocktail bars for the last four years, learning from some of the best bars in London. I have returned back to Devon to put those years of training to the test and hopefully elevate an exciting, inclusive & vibrant cocktail/wine bar in the heart of Exmouth.  

“My aim is to create a classy, elegant and relaxed environment for people to enjoy a plethora of cocktails, wines and spirits, some of which will already be fan favourites; others will be new and unique.  

He said the cocktail menu would probably be the largest in Exmouth and include unique creations dreamed up by the staff. There will also be 91 different spirits and liqueurs. 

“Our large cocktail menu boasts the classics as well as some slightly more obscure/bespoke beverages with a little fiery flair to help us stand out from the crowd. The same goes for our wines - we have a huge collection, catering to those having their first glass and to the connoisseurs among us.” 

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He said he is planning ticketed blind wine tastings throughout the year, cocktail masterclasses and cocktail taster menus. 

A creation by chef Peter Mundy who will be running Samphire 21 

A creation by chef Peter Mundy who will be running Samphire 21 - Credit: Peter Mundy

The restaurant will be managed by Peter Mundy, an award-winning chef who is also planning special events that he says will bring ‘a bit of excitement for Exmouth’. 

He said Samphire 21 will be ‘a restaurant for everyone’, offering modern and classic dishes at a range of different prices – some very upmarket and some that are more affordable – and catering for all dietary requirements. There will also be themed evenings and other events. 

Both Hat or Lemon and Samphire 21 now have their own Facebook pages where they will be posting regular updates on their progress towards opening, and details of launch events.