New business coming to Exmouth?

SEVERAL national retailers have shown interest in moving to the largest plot at Liverton Business Park say owners Clinton Devon Estates.

SEVERAL national retailers have 'shown interest' in moving to the largest plot at Liverton Business Park say owners Clinton Devon Estates.

The 26,000 square-foot unit is the up for grabs after Vergo Retail Limited, the parent company of current tenant Homemaker, went into administration.

Seven workers from the Exmouth branch were made redundant early last month although the lease is still being paid.

Malcolm Williams, retained agent for Clinton Devon Estates, confirmed that they were actively looking for a new tenant and were having 'discussions'.

He said: "We have been talking to several interested national companies...but obviously we are not in a position to say exactly who at the moment.

"After the unit's recent history maybe the site is just too big. It is 26,000 square feet in size and compared to other business across the road like Carpet Right and Pets at Home which are only 5,000 square feet, that is huge.

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"Obviously we wouldn't refuse if a suitable tenant wanted the whole site but it makes more sense at this stage and is almost inevitable the units will be split up."

Mr Williams said it was 'encouraging' that in these tough economic times there was so much interest from national companies to set up in Exmouth - but it was important that they had the 'right kind' of business.

"We want a balanced business park," he said. "We want as many different sections of the retail sector to be represented as possible and we are not ruling anything out.

"The businesses need to compliment each other and not compete against each other.

"At the moment (the park) represented by a broad section of the types businesses you would expect to find in an out-of-town business park.

"But it won't do us any good, or the town for that matter, to have competing businesses at each others throats.