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We have been following the Strand Gardens alterations with interest and have carried out a mini-survey of people and places with interesting results.

As we know, usually the town council is forward thinking towards the benefit of the town, making it a better place to visit than Budleigh Salterton or Sidmouth.

Lyme Regis could then offer some competition, if marketed better. With this in mind, they have cut down the trees, stopping birds from resting and nesting and insects from feeding and breeding. Removed the quaint, thatched shelter. Maybe a re-thatch and alterations would have made a nice Tourist Information Centre, right in the middle of town, instead of stuck in the middle of nowhere. The walls have gone, most of the grass and flowers replaced by clinical cold concrete and slabs. Leaving the war memorial, for people to come and remember and think and leave gifts and messages.

Now, if the council installs a bird scarer and insect zapper and a speaker system, playing sad and sombre music all day, they have just created a brand new tourist attraction - come and visit the deadest park in the country and pay your respects to your lost loved ones. It will become a shrine, a must to visit, just like Lourdes or Mecca.

Hoorah, hoorah for our forward-thinking council, putting Exmouth on the map. All we need now is a name.

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We will decide this ourselves, then it will not cost anymore of the millions spent already on the park.

Graham Travers

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