Music fans will be attempting to secure tickets for Glastonbury this week and if you’re one of them you might be wondering how to make sure you can get them.

Whether you’re feeling lucky or not, getting tickets can be difficult, especially for a big event like Glastonbury.

To help you out, experts at Community Fibre have put together some do’s and don’ts for the ticket sale.

Top 5 things you shouldn’t do when trying to get Glastonbury tickets

Don’t open more than one tab

Although it can be tempting to open multiple tabs, the team at Community Fibre says this is something you should avoid.

In fact, they say that having more than one tab open can massively lower your chances of securing tickets or even stall the process completely.

Exmouth Journal: Glastonbury tickets go on sale this weekGlastonbury tickets go on sale this week (Image: Yui Mok/PA)

If you get through to the purchase stage, multiple tabs being open could mean your transaction fails.

Don’t use multiple devices

Using multiple devices to secure Glastonbury tickets can backfire if the devices are using the same Wi-Fi router.

This is because the connection is weakened by the traffic and the experts say it’s likely that you’ll end up too far back in the queue to get to the purchase stage.

Don’t restart your router

When something goes wrong and involves technology, it can be tempting to turn it off and then back on again but don’t do this if you want to try and get Glastonbury tickets.

Losing your connection will mean you lose your place in the queue and have to start over, potentially at the back of the queue.

Don’t restrict your broadband connection

Place your Wi-Fi router as high as possible and avoid putting it in rooms that have multiple metal objects and gadgets as this could restrict your broadband connection.

Try putting the router in an empty room on top of a shelf.

Don’t leave TVs, Xbox’s and other electricals on

Items in the background such as your TV or Xbox will be using the same connection so turn it all off at the mains.

Top 5 things you should do when trying to get Glastonbury tickets

Do make a Wi-Fi plan

If you’re trying to get tickets and your friends are trying too, make sure everyone is on different devices and connected to a different hotspot in different locations.

The experts say that if you and all your friends use the same connection, this will almost guarantee that you’ll miss out on tickets.

Do get an ethernet cable

Connect your favourite device to the broadband router using an ethernet cable.

These cables feed the Wi-Fi in directly so it could give you a 0.5 second advantage which could make all the difference on the day.

Exmouth Journal: Your old tablet could be your secret weapon for buying Glastonbury Festival ticketsYour old tablet could be your secret weapon for buying Glastonbury Festival tickets (Image: Canva)

Do sit as close to the router as possible

Grab a chair, a cuppa and your device and sit as close to the router as possible because broadband routers send out signals through the air.

Do dig out your old tablet

If you have a tablet, consider using this as your device for buying Glastonbury tickets because they can often be the fastest device to connect to the Wi-Fi.

It also means you’ll have a bigger screen than if you were using your phone.

Do run a speed test

Running a speed test can help you determine which tip to follow. You can use Community Fibre’s speed test on the website.

How to buy Glastonbury tickets

Registration for tickets closed on Monday, October 30 at 5pm, however, registration will re-open after the second ticket sale has ended in November - this will be for the ticket re-sales.

Organisers recently confirmed that the next festival will take place from Wednesday 26 - Sunday 30, June 2024.

Glastonbury Festival has confirmed ticket sales will take place this week at the following dates and times:

  • Thursday, November 2 at 6pm (GMT) – tickets plus coach travel will be on sale
  • Sunday, November 5 at 9am (GMT) – general admission tickets will be on sale

The Glastonbury website says there is a booking fee and a deposit involved in the buying process.

It goes on: “Tickets will cost £355 + £5 booking fee, of which a £75 deposit (plus coach fare if booking a ticket + coach travel option) is payable when booking in November, with the balance payable in the first week of April 2024.

“Tickets will be sold exclusively at”

It adds: “Only See Tickets are authorised to sell tickets for Glastonbury Festival.”