My wife - our super carer

A recent article in the Journal tells about one person s care for another, over a 30-year period.My wife - our super carer

A recent article in the Journal tells about one person's care for another, over a 30-year period.

Unusual? No!

I know of many people who care and have cared, for others for many more years than this example.

I know one lady who, from nine years of age, cared for her permanently invalided mother, while not only bringing up four children , she also cared for her grandmother, her great aunt, her father-in-law and another elderly lady friend of her dad's family.

Her father died during this period, leaving her mother alone and ill.

Her mother "moved in" to live as family with the daughter and stayed for 34 more years!

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For the last 20-odd years, this lady has cared, also, for her husband, a stroke victim with diabetes and she also has diabetes and high blood pressure.

This lady has had very scant help, other than from family, and certainly no "write-up" in the press.

She is now (twice) a great grandmother and is helping in their lives.

I wonder if you know her. She is my wife!!!

David Amos (77 years old),

102 Parkside Drive,


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