My town vision

As a regular visitor to Exmouth, I have followed the discussions over the last year or so as to the future direction of the town. It has been an interesting and stimulating debate, and controversial at times. As an outsider, I would like to add my thoughts.

The development of The Strand was hotly debated, but now it seems to be settling down. The loss of the trees was a shame and the area could do with more colour and, perhaps, a new focus point, but, that aside, it now looks good.

The pedestrianisation is fantastic and the cafe aspect to the area is perfect. A few new quality shops and cafes have started to appear and that must be welcomed. There is now a lovely feel to this open area. It can only improve with time.

The debate about the entrance to the town is valid and something needs to be done about the appearance of the premises opposite the railway station. It lets down the area. The answer, however, is not to build a supermarket where the rugby ground is and lose the aspect of the estuary. The railway side needs some attention, but I think the shops on the roundabout should be the priority, as they do not give a good impression as you enter the town from Marine Way.

Talking of supermarkets, I would favour a Waitrose. There is already Somerfield, Lidl and several Tescos. A Waitrose would be beneficial and enhance the town. The charm of Exmouth is its individual shops and unique and diverse shops/restaurants/cafes should be encouraged. Waitrose would be a benefit, but certainly no more chain stores or supermarkets are needed.

Finally, the seafront. A real asset to the town that needs to be protected and planned very carefully. I agree with your correspondents about the motor homes permanently parked on the front. This gives the impression of a holiday park.

I cannot understand why this is allowed. They should be limited to five hours. It is not fair on residents.

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Also, it amazes me that more is not done to protect the sand dunes. Yes, there is netting and signs, but they can easily be accessed from the Esplanade and Queens Drive. They are fragile, and effective action should be taken to conserve these important areas.

The bowling alley will be finished one day, but how about a couple of nice cafes restaurants overlooking the beach? I think they would do well and would not detract from the stunning seafront.

Exmouth is a lovely town and I hope it remains that way. I wanted to participate in the debate as I feel that, after the recent Strand development, the trend for improvement, quality and enhancement must be maintained.

Residents are right to be interested and proactive. It is a positive sign for the future direction of the town.

Clive Paul

Thorncroft, Thorndene Avenue,

Bognor Regis.