Mum thanks help after horses rounded up

Horse owner Jayne Owens, from Lympstone, was relieved when her animals, Haley Bop and Shadow were returned safely after escaping from their field.

A Lympstone horse owner has thanked the army of Good Samaritans who returned her two runaway pets to safety.

Jayne Owens, 40, of Glebelands, was left with her heart in her mouth and fearing for her horses’ lives when the pair escaped from their Exmouth field during the night after a thief stole electric fence equipment.

Housewife Jayne said it was thanks to the dedication of the police and local farmer Rob Harding that horses 15.1hh Haley Bop, 13, and 16hh Shadow, 20, were not killed.

She said: “Rob has a heart of gold. Without his help they wouldn’t have known whose horses they were. He is a true friend.

“I was about to get in my car. He said ‘get in my car. I will take you straight to them’.

“I felt sick thinking what would have happened if a car had hit them.”

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The mum-of-three’s nightmare began in the early hours when local pig farmer Mr Harding knocked on her door, to say dark bay Welsh section D, Bop, and black Friesian Shadow, were on the loose.

The pair was spotted running around the lanes of Lympstone, heading towards the Commando Training Centre.

A Transit van is thought to have tailed the horses, warning other motorists of the danger.

Local police were rallied to round up the loose animals and reunite them with Jayne and her daughter, Leah, 23.

Jayne said the horses suffered no after affects from their jaunt.

She said: “The horses are mine and my daughter’s life. I am grateful for everything everyone did.

“Shadow is a real people horse, whereas you can’t get within 10ft of Bop. He’s a real mummy’s boy.

“But the police said Bop was really good and Shadow was really naughty.

“We are so lucky they stayed together. Wherever Shadow goes, Bop is right behind him.”