MP shows arrogance

Money repaid, it s time to move on. Not! With reference to A view from Westminster (February 11), Hugo Swire MP seems to think, because he has paid back a few quid, we should all now put it behind us and move on. I read his piece several times and concl

Money repaid, it's time to move on. Not!

With reference to "A view from Westminster" (February 11), Hugo Swire MP seems to think, because he has paid back a few quid, we should all now put it behind us and move on. I read his piece several times and concluded he still does not get it!

Mr Swire tells us how he had no choice but to hire a gardener because of the conditions of his rental property, however this immediately throws up some questions. For instance, did the taxpayer insist he rent this property? Or, since this is a second home and not a main residence, is such a large property needed?

If the rental was taken through personal choice so be it, but do not ask the taxpayer to fund your extravagances. This might be a novel idea for Hugo Swire, but most people with gardens actually do their own gardening and find it quite therapeutic, which could save the taxpayer should there be a need for stress relief therapy.

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He also did not mention that he repaid money for a laptop bag, �359; yes, that's right �359. Most of us buy our laptops for less than that. Mr Swire does not find �359 for a laptop bag extravagant, and why should he; after all, it is your money! I have reviewed Hugo's expenses over the last few years and, in my opinion, there are many more items that raise eyebrows.

It appears that Mr Swire does not think he has done anything wrong and, in fact, tells how unfairly he and other MPs have been treated by Legg and Kelly, and due to lax rules and an inefficient system he found himself over indulging at the taxpayers' expense.

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Let me make something clear, Mr Swire, you are supposed to be an honourable member of parliament, in my book that means you should not abuse such a system!

I am not against public servants being recompensed for expenditure in the course of their duties, but that expenditure should always be justified and must be the best possible value. It seems our MP does not think along these lines.

In over 760 words excusing his behaviour, none of the words start with S and end in Y and yet Hugo Swire wants us to just forget about it and move on.

I can only surmise from this piece from Hugo Swire that he is not sorry for his actions and, in fact, informs us "a public that holds all parliamentarians in contempt is damaging to our democratic process: it is unfair and dangerous".

So not only did he do nothing wrong, if we blame him and other MPs we are damaging democracy! Your arrogance, Mr Swire, is sickening. I would urge everyone to pause at the ballot box and consider whether you want this man representing you.

Michael Amor,

UK Independence Party

Parliamentary candidate for East Devon.

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