Move made to curb anti-social behaviour in Exmouth

Seating in Brixington Park has been removed in a bid to curb anti-social behaviour.

The police said three blue mushroom-type seated areas – recently removed because they had rusted – will not be replaced, to act as a deterrent to gathering youths.

Officers hope removing the rusted seating will result in a decrease of anti-social behaviour and rubbish left at the park.

Police community support officer Chris Ball is asking Brixington residents to become the ears and eyes of the community, and report any anti-social behaviour to the police.

He said he was keen to prevent gangs of youths from congregating in other areas of Brixington now the seating had gone.

PCSO Ball said: “The seating area was rusty and this area tended to attract youngsters who would drink and leave litter.

“Hopefully, now the cause of potential problems has gone, the anti-social behaviour encountered at the park will decrease.”

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The officer said he had received reports that groups of youths were congregating in the alleyway leading from Brixington Lane to Greenpark Road and Linden Close.

PCSO Ball said: “The community need to help the police prevent the problem moving elsewhere.

“The area will be patrolled on a regular basis by police, but I am urging the public to respond to anti-social behaviour by calling it in as it happens, so offenders can be identified immediately, rather than finding litter the next morning and reporting it to me when I’m on foot.”

Contact the police on 08452 777 444, or 999 for an emergency.