Motorists causing problems for Topsham residents

MOTORISTS continue to flout the law causing problems for Topsham residents - according to the town’s policing team

At a police street briefing held last week, Richard Shelton, PCSO for the town, was inundated with complaints from people about inconsiderate drivers.

The issues included delivery trucks parking on the pavement in Fore Street, vehicles blocking the yellow box in Station Road when the level crossing is down and large vans using disabled parking bays in Nelson Close.

PCSO Shelton and PC Paul Vaughan, neighbourhood beat manager for Topsham, pledge to monitor these issues and work with local city and county councillors to try resolve them.

Problems caused by motorists are regularly raised at the town’s Partners and Communities’ together meetings.

Excessive speeding, parking problems and the obstruction of loading bays were all set as priorities at the last meeting held in January.

PACT is an initiative whereby representatives from the neighbourhood policing team, councillors and other partner agencies work with residents to tackle any issues of concern affecting Topsham.

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Meanwhile, several warning letters have been sent to drivers of vehicles seen speeding by officers on Topsham Road recently.

The neighbourhood policing team have also been targeting cyclists regarding a range of issues including having no lights and not wearing a helmet.

PCSO Shelton and Maggie Richardson, from Devon County Council’s cycling unit, monitored cyclists using Rydon Lane and Topsham Road.

In all, 15 cyclists were given words of advice. Further checks are planned in the future.

And, anti-social behaviour escalation warning letters have been sent to two people for incidents that have occurred in the town.

If you would like to contact the police team, they can now by found on Facebook and Twitter.

Alternatively, a letter box has now been fitted to the police office at the back of Matthews Hall.