Motorhomes could boost Budleigh’s revenue?

Turning over part of the Lime Kiln car park to motorhomes is an idea being put forward by a Budleigh Salterton resident in a bid encourage off-season visitors to the town. David Burley said the move could increase revenue in the town.

A Budleigh Salterton motorhome enthusiast is calling for the Lime Kiln car park to have a dedicated area for overnight campers, in a bid to encourage off-season tourists to the town.

David Burley, 43, of Moormead, founder of the largest online motorhome club in Europe, believes the town is not properly utilising the Lime Kiln car park - and should be dedicating an area for motorhomes to bring in extra revenue

Mr Burley has hit back at the town council welcoming seafront parking meters to deter motorhome parking - saying Budleigh should be encouraging off-season visitors to the town, not driving them away.

He said the council’s claims were unfounded that seafront motorhome parking was on the increase.

Mr Burley said Marine Parade was in the main a motorhome-free zone and the ‘animosity’ felt in the town towards was unfounded.

Mr Burley said: “With such a good facility for motorhome owners as Lime Kilm car park going to waste, we should be looking at a way of monetizing motorhome visits instead of spending out capital in times of cutbacks to try and curtail them coming to Budleigh.

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“We should be inviting motorhome owners into our community by providing some additional facilities on Lime Kiln Car park, which would over time recoup their investment and provide much needed off season visitors to the town.”

Mr Burley believes a section of the car park could be dedicated to motorhomes, with basic facilities which could incur a charge for their use – such as fresh water tap connection and an electricity point, making one night stopovers possible.

He said France had an ‘extensive’ system of similar facilities known as Aires De Service - areas of service.

“They bring needed funds into villages and towns with motorhome owners paying to use them and in turn using local restaurants and shops,” said Mr Burley. “Most motorhome owners are in an older demographic, own their own houses and have money to spend on consumables, such as food, milk etc, and on local amenities such as restaurants and shops - bringing tourism funds into the town during the quieter off season months.

“Bringing motorhome owners into the town would bring in welcome off season business for Budleigh and make use of the Lime Kilm car park which stands empty for the majority of the winter season.”

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