Money no object

Billy Bragg and Sharon Pavey are concerned by the “savage cuts”, but it is widely believed that many councils could reduce these cuts by making savings elsewhere. They are like people – if it’s something they want, they will always find the money for it. If they don’t want it, they plead “lack of funding” and, of course, the cuts.

Redevelopment of The Strand is a case in point – money no object. I am not saying improvements could not have been made – a drainage system would have been a good start – but why so over the top, like the bus shelter nobody likes?

We all know the real culprit, don’t we? How “savage” would be the cuts if we didn’t have to give �48 million to the EU every day? Wouldn’t we just love having that lot dropped in our lap.

Of the three main political parties, the Lib Dems are said to be the most pro-EU, yet Mr Bragg voted for them.

Recent events suggest we might, at last, be coming to our senses. But don’t hold your breath.

C J Anderson