Money for recreation due?

PUBLISHED: 14:10 30 December 2011



There may be a 'chunk' of cash available to spend on public recreational facilities following the building of new homes.

The cash - called section 106 money, paid by developers to ‘compensate’ the public’s loss of amenity space following a development - could run into to tens-of thousands of pounds.

The play area was built with developer cash and so was the skatepark.

At the town council meeting last week, deputy mayor Courtney Richards said: “I’m sure you are aware but East Devon District Council is holding quite a lot of section 106 money for us for recreational facilities. We have actually walked around the town, the clerk and I, spotting all the new buildings that have been finished without a request for 106 money being put in.

“We are prodding East Devon and East Devon may well be prodding the developers – so there may well be some money available to spend on recreation in due time.

“We have got to find just how much money there is and what we are going to do with it. It’s quite a chunk of money… could be, 50, 60, £70,000.”

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