Mini motos face crusher, warn Exmouth police

Exmouth police are warning drivers caught breaking the law by riding mini motos on public land, their machines face being crushed.

Mini-moto riders endangering the safety of themselves and others in Exmouth have been warned their vehicles will be crushed if they continue.

Police Community Support Officer Malcolm Maguire is urging residents to report the nuisance drivers so officers can act.

Parents tempted to buy the mini machines as Christmas presents face seeing their cash crushed if the vehicles are spotted on Exmouth’s roads.

PCSO Maguire said three strikes and the police had the power to seize the vehicle. The officer said two culprits reported riding mini-motos around Littleham had been spoken to.

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He said he was keen to hear from residents who witnessed the mini motorbikes being ridden on any of the town’s public highway or pavements.

PCSO Maguire said: “They are not allowed to go on the public highway.

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“In the short term, I would encourage any resident who doesn’t have a grudge to record the registration number and I will speak to the driver.

“At the moment the main suspects have been spoken to and words of advice have been given.

“Historically, we used to have a bigger problem. They were going up and down the cycle path at John Hudson Way, revving their engines.”

The police said the mini machines did not comply with other road laws because they do not carry tax or insurance - so cannot be ridden on the public highway.

The illegal operation of the machines includes riding on private land without permission, the police added. Officers can issue three warnings to those found breaking the law - then can issue a fine or seize the vehicle for crushing.

The police said it was not illegal to manufacture or sell the mini vehicles, which sell for around �150.

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