Movement and the Mind online conference

Virtual courses set to start in June concentrate on movement and the mind

Virtual courses set to start in June concentrate on movement and the mind - Credit: Active Devon

Active Devon is working with clinical education GP Lucy Loveday to host Movement & the Mind, a one-day international, interactive event.

The virtual conference, taking place on Friday, June 18, will recognise, explore and celebrate the connections between mind, body and planet..

Delegates will hear from a global community of experts, adventurers and advocates.

There will also be leaders from across many disciplines. These include medicine, psychiatry, psychology, exercise physiology, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, neuroscience, mindfulness and movement.

Inspired by the true story of her father’s journey with severe depression to recovery and now the unfortunate reality of relapse, exacerbated by lockdown and the challenges of the past 12 months, founder of Movement and The Mind Dr Loveday will lead the conference.

She said: “When I was 11 years old, my dad was hospitalised by a severe mental health crisis.

"He was rendered almost unresponsive by depression, but over the years I observed him transform his health through running. It offered him solace and a sense of freedom, and he’s since run several marathons.

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“Driven by a curiosity to understand how movement benefits the mind, as well as the science behind positive psychology and mindfulness for human performance, I embarked on a journey of discovery. Through countless inspiring conversations along the way, I’ve learned that dad isn’t alone.

“Movement & the Mind is the culmination of this dynamic and evolving journey. It means so much to help bring people together for this critically important conversation, and, in a small way, to help put movement at the centre of the mainstream healthcare agenda.”

Early bird registration for the event is now open and tickets will cost £49 if purchased by April 30.  There are a limited number of tickets available, and these will be on a first come first served basis.

Profits generated by this event will support local initiatives using physical activity, sport, and movement to positively impact the mental health and wellbeing of people living in Devon.

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