Lympstone Marine trainer halfway through THREE ultra marathon challenge


Lee Drinkwater, who is based at CTCRM Lympstone at the race for the tower ultra marathon. - Credit: Lee Drinkwater.

A 48 year old Royal Marine based at Lympstone is doing three ultra marathons to raise money for the Royal Marines Charity.

Lee Drinkwater has already completed two of the three marathons, with the last one, a 100km race to the stones, taking place on Saturday, July 9.

His first ultra marathon was 100 km: race to the king in Chichester, which Lee completed in May.

The second was a 85km 'race to the tower' in Whiteshall in Gloucestershire which Lee completed on Sunday, (June 26, 2022). 

Lee is set to complete the third - another 100km race to the stones challenge on July 9. 

Lee works at who is based at the Commando Training Centre, Royal Marines Lympstone, as the Leadership and Development Cadre.

He has a target of £5,000 to raise for the Royal Marines Charity, he has currently raised more than £2,000 on his just giving page.

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Lee Drinkwater told the Journal: "I'm halfway through my three ultra marathons at the moment, I'm trying to do them one after another, I'm knackered and aching but looking forward to my last challenge, the 100km race to the stones on the 9th.

"Two are 100km and one is 85km so overall the total distance is 285km within the space of six weeks."

Lee is carrying an injury from the first one - 25km in, he sustained an abductor tear on one side and a pull on the other - so has been in pain through most of the first and powered by ibuprofen and lots of strapping for his second race.

Lee is raising money for the Royal Marines Charity, and also raising awareness of the work of local Exmouth based mental health group RV1 who provide a safe platform for people to talk about their mental health injuries and daily struggles and blOKes'- a Nottingham based mental health charity providing men with a safe, supportive and non-judgemental platform to open up about their mental health.

Donate to the justigiving page here -