‘Thank you, I've got my Winnie back’ - man’s relief after dog collapsed on the seafront

Gwyn Parks reunited with his dog Winnie

Gwyn Parks reunited with his dog Winnie - Credit: Gwyn Parks

A man has thanked everyone involved in helping his dog which collapsed on Exmouth seafront. 

Gwyn Park, 22, was walking his dog Winnie on the seafront on Monday (January 18) when she appeared to have stop breathing. 

A passer-by Neil Kearsley helped out giving the five-year-old springer spaniel CPR before the police took Gwyn and Winnie to Raddenstiles Vets where she was cared for. 

On Tuesday (January 19), Gwyn was able to bring Winnie home and said he was very grateful for everyone who helped. 

He said: “I was just really shocked, I was just holding her and I didn’t really know what was going on. I was quite upset and that’s when Neil came over and he just snapped me out of it.” 

Gwyn and Winnie were just walking back to his car after one of their daily walks on the beach when the Exton resident noticed something was wrong. 

He said her back legs started to give way and Winnie went into what looked like a fit. 

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Neil came over to help, administered CPR and told Gwyn what he needed to do to revive his dog. 

At the same time, a friend of Gwyn’s drove his car onto the beach in a bid to help and got stuck in the sand.  

Gwyn said the police took him and Winnie to the vets, in Liverton Business Park, while he and his friend continued to perform CPR and mouth-to-mouth. 

Winnie has since returned home and Gwyn said he wanted to thank everyone for their efforts. 

Posting on the Exmouth Community UK Facebook group, he said: “I just wanted to thank absolutely everyone for their efforts.  

“From the the people who pulled my friends car off the sand, the police for blue lighting us to the vets and being so understanding, people who called the vets and were so nice, everyone at Raddenstiles- from the vet, to the nurse who stayed with her all night and even the kind receptionists.  

“But most of all Neil Kearsley, I can’t thank you enough. Thank you all. I’ve got my Winnie back.” 

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