Lympstone school rated 'good' at latest Ofsted report

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Pupils from Lympstone CofE primary school. - Credit: Emily Mellor.

Lympstone CofE Primary School has been rated 'good' at their latest Ofsted inspection.

Overall, Lympstone CofE Primary School was voted good by assessors from Ofsted on all subjects: the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development leadership and management.

The report said that students are made to feel safe at the school, learning the basics of maths, phonics and literary. 

The headteacher of Lympstone Primary School, Emily Mellor was also praised for 'driving improvement at the school with great determination.

Asessors said leaders, including governors, have a clear and ambitious vision for the school that is shared by staff. Staff have worked with determination to strength.'

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Lympstone school pupils spelt out good on the playground. - Credit: Emily Mellor.

The report also said teachers know pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) well. Pupils’ needs are identified quickly in the early years so appropriate support can be put in place.

The pupils talk enthusiastically about sport, contributing to the church and the local community and the personal, social and health education programme at the school is developing. However, content relating to growing up, relationships and protected characteristics is not always taught at a time that would be most useful. 

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Lympstone primary school's rating has gone up and down in previous years. In 2006, it was 'Satisfactory' (now known as Requires Improvement). Then, in 2009, it was 'Good' before going back down to 'Requires Improvement' in 2013, up to 'Good' in 2015, down to 'Requires Improvement' in 2018. 


Headteacher of Lympstone CofE school, Emily Mellor. - Credit: Emily Mellor.

Headteacher of Lympstone Primary School, Emily Mellor said: "We are thrilled to have been awarded Good in all areas with outstanding in Early Years.

"The whole team have worked incredibly hard with innovation and determination to provide the very best education and experiences for our children. We have a wonderfully warm school community and I am so glad that this has been recognised and would like to thank all of our parents for their support and positivity over that last few years.

"The children in our school are wonderful, they are aware of their strengths and celebrate these along with those of their peers, they also work hard to improve and face challenges. They are kind, hardworking and supportive of each other, showing our school values in everything they do. The most pleasing thing is to see the love of teaching and learning continuously grow in every class, with identified strengths in reading, writing, maths and PE."

Spaces in most year groups are now available for September, to arrange a visit, call the office on 01395 266580.