Lucky Clover! - Budleigh dog cliff rescue

Lucky Clover! One little dog certainly lived up to its name this week when it was rescued safe and well after falling from the cliff top.

The five-year-old Dandyie-Dinmont terrier had, on Tuesday afternoon, been walking with owner Julie Gill, of Links Road, when a sniff too far resulted in her taking a tumble over the cliff top, near North View Road.

Frantic for her pet’s safety, Julie rang the fire brigade and the dog was soon in clover when three fire crews came to her rescue.

Proving Clover really is lucky, the trapped terrier, which the family have owned since she was a pup, was out of reach down the cliff - with a 100-foot drop below.

Using specialist climbing equipment, the fire service quickly reunited the pet with her owner.

Praising the heroics of the fire service in rescuing Clover, Julie said: “She was behind us and, when I looked back, she had gone over.

“I couldn’t see her to see if she was hurt. We weren’t sure what to do and I ended up calling the fire brigade and they sent someone out almost immediately.

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“They were fantastic. We are eternally grateful. I can’t thank them enough.

“She’s never done anything adventurous before. She’s a bit shaken. She will be on the lead from now on when we walk there.”

Exmouth watch manager Stefan Clark said the dog was trapped on the cliff when the fire crews arrived.

He said a firefighter was harnessed up and dropped over the cliff to pluck the dog back to safety.

Mr Clark said: “We thought we might have to put Clover in a line bag to bring her up, but we didn’t need to.”

Crews from Budleigh, Exmouth and Exeter, together with a specialist rescue team from special operations, were sent to the scene.