Looks just awful

Well, honestly, I think The Strand development plans look really, really awful.

1) Why is the development not in keeping with the lovely Victorian/Georgian buildings that surround it?

2) Why are the taxes we pay being used to create a business that is going to be in direct competition with my caf�, The Book Rest, which pays taxes to the government/council?

3) Since when did the council go into the business of being in competition with the already plentiful number of cafes/businesses in the town?

4) There are lots of empty shops in town. We don’t need another business premises, but do need decent marketing for the town.

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This is just another short-term idea from people who really have absolutely no idea of real business in the real world, and think that they will get a quick return from another cafe.

Now, if it was an art gallery for local artists that would really bring in visitors from out of town. But please, not another cafe.

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Christian Pilling

18 The Parade, Exmouth.

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