Log burner fire breaks out in Woodbury Salterton

Fire crews were called to Woodbury Salterton on Monday after a fire involving a log burner broke out at lunchtime. The fire was out on the crews’ arrival thanks to a quick-thing neighbour.

Firefighters from Exmouth, Topsham and Exeter were called to Woodbury Salterton on Monday lunchtime following reports of a smell of burning, smoke from a chimney and an alarm sounding.

When the crews arrived at a property in Greendale Road shortly before 2.30pm they found a fire involving a log burner had broken out.

On finding the fire was out on their arrival, firefighters used a thermal imaging camera and snake eye camera to check the premises before leaving.

A Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Upon arrival, fire personnel found that an uncontrolled fire involving the log burner had occurred, a small quantity of logs on the hearth adjoining the woodburning stove had caught on fire, but the quick intervention of a neighbour had extinguished the fire, prior to arrival of the fire service.”