Locals help police beat yob culture

LITTLEHAM residents have taken a stand against anti-social behaviour and are standing shoulder-to-shoulder to beat their neighbourhood bullies.

LITTLEHAM residents have taken a stand against anti-social behaviour and are standing shoulder-to-shoulder to beat their neighbourhood bullies.

Residents living in the Liverton Close, Midway and Salterton Road areas of Littleham have recently been plagued by a gang of youths hanging around the streets causing mayhem.

But residents are refusing to let the mindless yobs win and have teamed up with Exmouth police to stamp out the unacceptable behaviour.

Littleham neighbourhood beat manger Sallyanne Southern said: "It will not be tolerated for the behaviour of a minority to spoil the quality of life for all the residents.

"We are encouraging residents to keep reporting any anti-social behaviour to both the police and the council, noting down any descriptions of these individuals as it is helpful for identification purposes.

"We are working closely in partnership with East Devon District Council in regard of council tenants whose children are part of this minority group as this effects the tenancy agreement and could result in demotion of tenancy or eviction."

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The police are keen to help restore peace to the community, which is mainly home to elderly, disabled and vulnerable residents living in sheltered accommodation.

Last week the cops issued the Liverton Close residents with a dedicated crime reference number to report any damage or abuse direct to them.

And residents were urged to immediately dial 999 if they saw the yobs breaking the law or causing a nuisance.

The aim is to catch the culprits in the act and compile a comprehensive dossier of evidence that could be used against the youths in court.

The police recently waged a similar - successful - war against anti-social behaviour in Brixington and brought the bullies to justice by legally expelling them from the area.

It is hoped the Liverton Close campaign can reap the same benefits - but the police first need the residents to be their ears and eyes to glean enough concrete evidence.

Residents have called for closer monitoring of the area since groups of up to 18 youths, many from outside Littleham, began targeting Liverton Close.

For several weeks the residents have suffered yobs jumping onto their cars, running through their gardens, being sworn at and intimidated in the street.

They have faced a barrage of abuse, name calling and stone throwing from groups of youths congregating on street corners.

Vehicle owners repeatedly face bills to replace their car wing mirrors, which are being damaged on a daily basis.

One man claimed he had been threatened with a knife.

Sergeant Phil Godfrey and Littleham police community support officer Nicola Payne met with Liverton Close residents at Clayton House.

Reports of damage or anti-social behaviour can be made by telephoning 0845277444 for non-urgent calls and 999 for emergency calls, quoting reference KE/09/1523.